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SeaFood Risotto o Risotto ai Frutti di Mare

When nice weather is approaching (not in London, though!) I am always keen in buying and cooking seafood. This weekend I had a go in preparing a seafood risotto. The result of the risotto is proportional to the quality and taste of the fish used for it. Therefore I started buying fresh fish and not frozen one. Mussels, clams, prawns and squid all fresh from the fish counter of my local supermarket. It would be even better if from a market but it was not possible this time.

Below the ingredients:

2 cloves Garlic
Stock made by fish cube + water and mussels and clams water
400gr Squid
½ Onion
1 kg of Mussels
1 kg of Clams
350gr of Prawns
320gr Rice
1 glass White Wine

I started with cleaning the mussels, that always need a good wash and brush before cooking them. I did the same for the clams. Put some extra virgin olive oil in a pan, garlic and your mussels. Cover and leave to cook until all open up. It will takes 3-5 minutes. Do not throw away the water that the mussels are generating. This water is going to be the secret ingredient for the risotto. Filter the water and leave on the side. Repeat the same procedure for the

Chop a bit of onion, garlic and chili, pour some EVOO in a pan and fry a bit the onion until golden. Add the rice (Carnaroli variety is the perfect one for risotto!) and toast it for a couple of minutes adding ½ glass of white wine.

In the main time melt in boiling water a fish cube. This stock together with the water from the cooking of the mussels will be slowly added to the rice in several times until absorbed by the rice. Cook until the rice is soft but still al dente. Just towards the end of the cooking process add the fish. Usually the fish does not take long to cook. A different option could be to cooked separately and added always towards the end. Leave it rest for 5 minutes before serving. You can also some fresh finely chopped parsley.



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