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Fresh Egg Pasta..a typical Sunday in Italy

In Italy Sundays is the day when many family get together, the granma’ makes the fresh pasta, either tagliatelle, tortellini or any shape.

Last Sunday, fresh from a trip to the home land, I woke up and I was keen to make something for me special, in honour of old memories. So I decided to put together a couple of eggs, 200 gr of flour and all the strengths one can have on a Sunday morning, to work energetically the dough for 15 minutes or more.


For every egg used 100 gr of flour need to be added.

How to do it:

Place the flour in a wooden board, or if you don’t have it just use any clean surface, as I did. Create a hole in the centre of the flour and brake the eggs, adding a pinch of salt. Start beating the eggs while collecting small amounts of flour from the sides. Add gradually the flour to the eggs until obtaining a dough which will need to be worked for 15 minutes until smooth.

Wrap the dough in cling film  and leave to rest for 30 minutes. Start flattening the dough with a rolling machine, if you have one, or by hands, as in my case. Keep working the dough until 1 mm thin. Dust the result of the rolling process with some flour and roll it up. Cut in small pieces 0.5 cm wide to obtain tagliatelle or larger if you want to have some pappardelle.

Note that the same dough could be used for different shapes: lasagne and cannelloni, ravioli or tortellini (if filled with meat or veggies) and many more.

The tagliatelle are good with ragu’ di carne but also with a fish sauce or simply with some fresh tomato and basil sauce.



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Gnocchi di Patate

The last post was about Ragu’, in this one a good combination of home made pasta and Ragu’. Gnocchi is a very simple pasta to make. Which are the ingredients? Just potatoes, flour and one egg.

INGREDIENTS (for 4/5 people):

1 kg potatoes

300 g flour


1 egg

Peel the potatoes (if they are large cut them into pieces so they cook faster) and boil in salted water until they are cooked.
Drain and let cool down for 10 minutes, then mash with a potato masher, and finally add the flour a little at a time and the egg.
Knead the dough with your hands until it is pretty compact. Be careful not to add too much flour, otherwise they become very hard!
When the dough is ready, slice each slice and work with your hands until you get a long roll quite fine. Then cut each roll into small pieces in the shape of dumplings.
Put a saucepan of salted water and boil throw in the gnocchi: when rising to the surface they are ready.
Strain and pour into the pot and add the ragu’. Add some parmesan on the top.


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