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A veggie Focaccia

It seems that lately baking has became my favourite hobby. All my last posts are about baking: bread, savoury cakes, cookies and today Focaccia bread. I already talked about the focaccia here. This time I made the focaccia using my own sourdough starter and adding an extra bit: some courgettes and onions. But let’s start from the beginning. This Sunday, instead of baking my weekly bread, I decided to try something new. My parents, which on a daily basis experiment new recipes in the kitchen, suggested to try an “upside-down” focaccia. Why upside-down”?  Because you put the veggies of your choice in a baking tray and on the top the dough of the focaccia. In this way, the veggies won’t dry out but stay soft and cook thanks to their own steam. Ideally the upside down focaccia is a main course itself or if served in small a delicious appetizer.




250g Sourdough Starter

250g Strong Flour

125g Warm Water

1tbs of Sugar

1tbs of salt

2tbs of EVO

2 courgettes

1 onion in thin slices


Start mixing the Sourdough starter with the warm water adding some sugar, which will facilitate the raising process. Add the flour, the oil and just at the end the salt. Mix all the ingredients for 5/10 minutes. The dough should be quite sticky as very hydrated. Cover the bowl with cling film and leave to raise for at least 5hrs.

In the main time (it actually take just 5 minutes not 5 hours) chop the courgettes and the onions or any other veggies you decided to use. Season with some salt and peeper adding also some EVO.


After 5 hrs, take the dough, which should have became twice as big,  out of the bowl and fold it using the same technique used for the bread. Cover the baking tray with some baking paper and dispose the courgette&onion mix on the tray. They should form an uniform layer.  Put the dough on the top of the veggies and pushing down the dough until it covers all the tray. Leave it to rest for 1 hr. In the main time pre-heat the oven at 220°C. After the last part of the raising process cook at 200°C for 25/30 minute or until the top has a brown golden colour.

After taking the focaccia out of the oven, overturn it so the veggie part stays at the top. If needed pass the focaccia under the grill for  a couple of minutes. Leave to rest for 10 minutes before serving. Enjoy this upside-down veggie focaccia warm. It won’t make it the end of the meal.







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Last Saturday we invited few friends over for dinner. The choice for the menu came almost by itself, I wanted something easy, quick and that people could easily love. So I opted for some Focaccia bread with a selection of Italian charcuterie as a starter, a seafood pasta as a main and a classic tiramisu as a dessert. The preparation started on Friday night when I decided to prepare the focaccia to avoid to spend all Saturday running out of time to get everything ready.

I start reading many blogs on how to prepare the focaccia, which flour to use, how much yeast and how long the raising process should last. I came across many different ways of thinking so I decided to get some essential instruction and proceed with my own method. In the end I can not complain for the results, as my guests enjoyed it very much.


500g “00” flour

2 tsp of salt

1 x 7g fast action dried yeast

Extra virgin Olive Oil

150-250ml warm water or probably more

1 bunch fresh rosemary

Preparation Method:

Put the flour into a large bowl, add some of the water and start mixing gently. Next, add the yeast, keep mixing while you add more water. At this point it possible to add the extra virgin olive oil and in the end the 2 tbs of salt. The dough should feel quite loose. The more water is used the lighter the bread will be.

Knead the dough for about 10 minutes by hand on a lightly floured work surface or for five minutes if you are lucky enough to have an electric mixer.

Put the dough back in a large bowl and add a drizzle of olive oil. Cover it with clean film and leave it to raise for 2 or three hours.

Drop a bit of oil in a baking tray, put the dough in the tray and squeeze it using your tongs, cover it and leave it for one more hour. In the main time pre-heat the oven at 200 degrees. Once the dough will double its size it is ready to be cooked.

Cook it for 20 minutes more or less.



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