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Mais flour bread with milk

After a while I have the time to get back in front of the computer telling a bit more about of my new experiments. Last month was a busy one, travelling a getting loads of new ideas.

In order to get these ideas I bought myself a nice Christmas present: a cooking book. Well, it’s not just a cooking book is THE COOKING BOOK. It is written by Gualtiero Marchesi, who is the CHEF. He is to the Italian cooking what Alain Ducasse is to the French one. Well, both really internationally recognized and appreciated and both have been and continue to be inspirational for many younger chefs. The book is called “Il Grande Libro dei Cuochi” and each part is written in cooperation with the best chefs around such as Ferran Adria, Marcus Wareing between others. The book has a very didactic approach, explaining all the techniques with a lot a pictures, tips and loads of recipes.  It has more then 700 pages and an endless number of recipes. It will probably take ages before I will be able to go through all of them. Each chapter covers a main area. It starts form the basic for each macro area to get to more complex and difficult recipes. When I received I did not know where to start from, I suddenly felt like wanting to start cooking anything described in the book.



So I started with an easy recipe called “Pane di Mais al Latte” (wich stands for Mais flour Bread with Milk) also because I needed something quick to go into my brunch. It can be served warm and it is possible to add any flavour (cheeses, garlic or peepers). I made a plain one.


150g 00 flour

150g mais flour finely grounded

250ml full fat milk

4 tbs of baking powder

50g sugar

2 eggs previously beaten

2 tbs of melted butter

A pinch of salt


Switch on the oven at 190° C. In a bowl put together the two kind of flours, salt, baking powder, sugar. Make an hole in the middle and add the two eggs previously beaten, the melted butter and the fullfat milk. Stir until obtaining a smooth mixture. Pour the mixture in a 20cm diameter baking tray which need to be oiled with butter first. Cook for 25-30 minutes or until golden. Leave cool in the tray and serve when still warm. Lovely!!







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Homemade bread

Making bread at home is one of these thing I really enjoy doing: it’s fun, it is healthy and first of all the homemade bread taste far better of any supermarket one (if you chose the right recipe and/or technique, though). You might think that bread it’s just flour, water and yeast. However it’s much more than this: several are the variables which influence the final result. First of all the flour: it must be a strong one, meaning with an high content of gluten. You can choose a white one or a combination of wholemeal and strong white flour. Yeast: I used a really small amount of dry yeast. Some use a fresh homemade yeast (a whole school on this), which give that extra kick to the dough. Last but not least the time and conditions of the rising process. I start making the dough (see details below) on Saturday afternoon, left to rise for 10/12hrs, then after kneading the dough again, left to rise for further 2 hours.

My main source of inspiration was  this blog; although in Italian, is very clear and easy to follow thanks to the video.


200g strong white flour

180g wholemeal flour

225 -250g of water (room temperature)

1g of dried yeast

6g of salt


In a bowl start with mixing the two flours, add the salt. Dissolve the yeast in water at room temperature, add into the flour and start mixing. Gradually add the rest of the water to the mix and keep kneading the the dough, which will be wet and sticky, but it’s ok! Actually it’s a good sign. Leave the dough to rise in the bowl inside the oven with the light on. Add in the oven a small container with water in order to increase the level of humidity for a better result in the rising process.

After 12/14 hours gently remove the dough  from the bowl, sprinkle a surface with some flour and fold the dough a couple of times onto itself, put the dough on a baking tray, cover it and leave to rise for a further 1 or 2 hrs.

In the main time switch the oven on at 230 degrees. Put a small container with water to create some steam which will improve the quality of the bread. Leave to cook for 30-35 minutes.

This time the results have been satisfactory, however it is difficult with the bread to obtain identical results every time. A small difference in temperature during the rising process, for instance, might affect the final result. But in this occasion I was happy with my homemade bread!

Blogs where I took my inspiration from this time:


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