Quiche with spinach, ricotta and ham

It was long time I didn’t make a savoury cake. I usually buy the base and fill it with anything left in the fridge. But because my baking mode was ON i decided to prepare the base called “pasta brise’ “. For the filling I opted for a rather classic one: ricotta, spinach and diced ham. You can also add any left over. I added, for example, some peas from the night before. The pasta Brise’ is very easy to make. Cold Butter, Very cold water and 00 flour.





100g butter (from the fridge)

200g 00 flour

50ml very cold water

A pinch of salt


250g Ricotta Cheese

200g Spinach

4 slice of ham diced

1 egg

50g parmesan



Cut the butter in small cubes and mix with the flour. If you have a mixer is much easier. Otherwise mix by hands all together until you obtain fine crumbles. Add the water, that it has to be very cold. Work the dough until smooth. Leave it to rest for 30/40 minutes in the fridge. In the main time prepare the filling. Boil the spinach in salted water. Once boiled mix together in a bowl with the ricotta, the ham, the egg adding some salt, pepper, nutmeg and the parmesan. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin until obtaining a regular round shape (around 20 cm diameter). Cover with baking paper the tin, place the dough inside and add the filling. Spread the filling nicely and fold the corners of the dough over the filling  in order to give a nice round shape to the tart. Pre-heat the oven at 180°C and cook for 30 minutes. Leave to cool down for 10 minutes and serve warm.





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