Chocolate Chip Cookies

The cookies have always been my favourite biscuits. I guess I am not the only one, like I am not the only one posting a recipe of the chocolate chips cookies. But because these came out extremely well I want to share my joy. When there is not time to prepare a nice sweet treat, the cookies are always a very good option and I did not meet anybody yet who does not like cookies of any kind.


INGREDIENTS for 25-30 Cookies

250g 00 Flour

125g Brown sugar

125g White sugar

1/2 tbs baking powder

A drop of Vanilla flavour

1 large egg

125g melted butter

200g chocolate (chopped)


Mix all the liquid ingredients with the sugar and just after start adding the flour, baking powder and chocolate. Keep mixing until you get a sticky dough. Make the dough into small balls which will go on a baking tray, ready for cooking. Pre-heat the oven at 190 degrees for 10 minutes and is all done. Leave it too cool and enjoy them warm and still soft.






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