Where it all starts

Everybody has a place that you feel like home or for whatever reason you feel particularly close to. In my case it’s also the place where my passion for food started. I am talking about my parents native city: Civitanova Marche. Civitanova is a small town on the Adriatic coast in the Marche Region.

Many define the Marche as the new Tuscany because as Tuscany has lovely countryside, endless number of small towns and villages situated in the colourful hills, a prosperous agriculture, amazing food and wines. The coast present lovely beaches and not far away mountains of the Appennino worth a visit. I could go on and on enhancing all the beauties of the region but I rather prefer showing few pictures taken during my last visit during the summer, probably the best season to visit the region.

Furthermore Marche is a good option for the fashion lovers. So many famous brands for the high end clothing market have their HQ in the region. Some of them are already famous abroad, such as Tod’s and Hogan. Others, as Prada or Dolce and Gabbana, are producing their clothes and shoes in the area outsourcing their productions to small local companies, which do not have the resources to compete in the market with their own brands.

Competion is though especially from Chinese companies, so the local companies put together their force to compete in the global market. This is what a project called in-outlet is trying to do. As it can be read in their website: ” in-outlet is a guide, which aim is to make its readers aware of shopping proposals, to give directions where to grasp good deals. The guide includes artistic, cultural and rural proposals of a territory that attracts more and more tourists every year.” In-outlet has also an online shop called in-outlet village, which allows you to buy online quality products (Clothing, footwear, bags and accessories and food & wine) directly from the producer . In other words, you can have a slice of Marche Region anywhere you are.


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