Santa Maria Pizza

From time to time I really fancy to eat a good pizza (who doesn’t?). But I am quite demanding when it comes to pizza (or any other food..really!!) so I have been investigating for a while, reading reviews by bloggers or experts to find the right place. Every review agreed on one place called Santa Maria Pizza, so the deciosion was taken.

The only negative side of the reviews was that it is not possible to book a table and people could cue for long time, killing sometimes in the next door pub. Aware of this, we decided to visit the Pizzeria at a rather weird time, not for lunch neither for dinner but late in the afternooon around 6 pm. I was amazed that at that time just few tables were occupied.

Santa Maria is a very tiny and very cosy place in Ealing (they now opened a new branch in Kensal Rise called Sacro Cuore), the staff is very friendly and the whole atmosphere is exceptionally warm and very italian. It looks like a corner of Naples in London. The menu is simple: mainly pizza, some starters, few side dished and a couple of dessert. This is the way I like the menu’: it’s easy to read, simple but at the same time rich in choices.

The main character is the PIZZA. Allow me the capital letters because it is really outstanding, the best I had since long time. All the topping are truly Italian or Napolitean, as the owners. But going back to the pizza, I had one called “San Giuseppe” with Napolitean sausage, Bufalo Mozzarella and Friareielli (Wild Broccoli) and my wife had the calzone: a folded pizza filled with fresh ricotta, mozzarella and napolitean sausage. The pizzas look big but the dough is so light that you can eat the whole pizza without even realising it and without feeling full.

The service is very good and will receive your pizza sooner than expected, also because the tiny pizzeria is quickly getting busy expecially around 7 o’clock.

This Pizza was priceless for me and generally is on the economic side. Prices start from £5.45 and the whole meal for two people, including drinks but not service charge, costs less than £30. A real deal.

Since I tried this pizza I don’t want to eat pizza anywhere else, even though I am tempted to try the rest on the list of Timeout review.



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2 responses to “Santa Maria Pizza

  1. Mario Beruschi

    You know I’m very fond of neapolitean pizza so I look forward to eating that with you and Carolina.
    A question: do you know if the Santa Maria’s landlords have read your post?

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