Fruit tart

After a well deserved short holiday in Italy and a couple of kilos gained during the short break it’s time to get back to the normal life: no more sun or beach, neither the delicious food always available in every corner. But life goes on and a trip to the home land always comes with plenty of inspirational recipes, fresh ideas and a lot of energy.

Looking my grandma’s in the kitchen, trying to steal secrets, it is every time a huge source of inspiration, it’s like going to a cooking school with chefs that have been preparing the same recipes for the last 60 years or so. It’s priceless.

This is her recipes for a tart with strawberries and custard cream. In other words, it was my attempt to make a fruit tart according to her bespoken recipe.

It doesn’t take long to make it and the result is worth a bit of waiting. All you need for the base are the following ingredients:

170 gr. of butter

300/400 gr. 00 flower

100 gr. sugar

3 eggs (2 whole eggs and 1 yolk)

For the cream:

1 yolk

1 big spoon of sugar

1 glass of milk

1 spoon of flower

Vanilla flavour

How to do it:

Prepare the flower leaving an empty space in the middle where the butter and the sugar will be mixed together before adding the eggs. Once the eggs have been added work the dough until obtain a soft and slightly sticky mass. Leave the dough to rest for half an hour in the fridge.

While the dough is resting in the fridge prepare the cream: mix the yolk and sugar, add the milk and the flower. Add vanilla flavour and cook at low fire mixing continuously clockwise. Cook until the mixture will become thicker.

Stretch the dough and cut in small circles, placing them in a cooking trays for muffins. Cook the base for a 15/20 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 180°C. Once the bases are ready pure some of the cream on the top; chop some strawberries and dispose nicely on the top of the tart.



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2 responses to “Fruit tart

  1. Augusto Carretti

    very nice and fresh…. carry on mate i really like your ideas

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